At Smithville intersection 16/47, take 16 South, up over the hill and just as you reach the bottom of the hill, Leatherbark road is on the left. It is a gravel road.

The cabin and larger acres are connected. Half the property can be accessed at the cabin using the cattle gate at the back of the Cabin lot. When walking up the old county road access, you are on the neighbor’s lot for about 75 feet before it criss-crosses both lots to the top. DO NOT walk out to or part on the pasture to the left at the top, that is my┬áneighor’s wife’s gravesite.

As you walk up the old road, all of the property lies on the right and goes back another many acres past the end of the road. It includes the “valley” where the creek and cave is.

The property can also be accessed by going up gas well road 1/4 mile past the cabin. Be aware, if you want to travel up the gas well road, if it is dry you will be fine in a 4×4. If it has rained and if the gas company has not graded the road, it can be slippery and hard to navigate, even with a 4×4. DO NOT ATTEMPT in a regular car.


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